Data Exchange Privacy Policy

This page outlines the privacy policy for Data Exchange and also covers an outline of the research being conducted, information you need prior to participating in the project and contact details should you have any queries.

Project summary:

We are interested in off-grid sanitation and how this is used across four different cities in four countries. We are researching how different user groups access and utilise container-based sanitation in Kenya, Peru, Haiti and South Africa. We are interested in any barriers and issues they may face. The participants will become our citizen scientists and collect the data via an app, though the information they provide will be kept strictly confidential (as outlined below). We hope that the data generated will enable us to share the lessons we learn with other cities looking to implement container-based sanitation and how this can contribute to off-grid cities.

The project will take 12 months to complete, with participants receiving small data and talk-time for weekly participation. To participate in the survey, respondents must be randomly selected, attend our training workshop, be given a phone (or own their own), have access to our site to download the surveys and download ODK collect in addition to Data Exchange.

Project partners:

This research is being funded by the European Social Research Council (ESRC) and involves researchers in Kenya, Haiti, Peru, South Africa, UK and USA. The institutions involved in the project are: Cranfield University (UK), Bangor University (BU), UK; New York University (USA); University of Leeds (UK); University of the Westen Cape (SA); University of Oregon (USA); Meru University of Science and Technology (Kenya); State University of Haiti (Haiti) and Catholic University of Peru (Peru).

Data collection and usage

  1. Data Exchange is a front-end GUI for ODK collect. The privacy policy for ODK collect can be found here:
  2. All participants will sign a consent form before completing the choice tasks. Only those phones connected to our survey, with encrypted forms can participate in this project. The server link is only available to participants that attend our training workshop.
  3. Only participants that have attended the workshop are able to submit data to our server.
  4. We will keep all the information you give us confidential. We will not share your personal details or personal views with anyone else. All data at the end of each task will be encrypted and maintain its encryption on all data transfers.
  5. Some of the information you give us may be published, but your real name will not be used in relation to any of the information you have provided us.
  6. You should know that even though we will avoid including identifying information in any publication, there is still a possibility that people will recognise you by the things you say. If at any time you feel concerned about what you are saying being disclosed, please feel free to stop and talk to us about it.
  7. Any photographs you are asked to take within a task may be used to share with stakeholders. Remember not to take a photo within a task unless you are happy for it to be used for this purpose.
  8. You can stop participating in this task, at any time, without giving us any reason.
  9. Do you have any further questions? Please raise any questions to the workshop organiser
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