Below are a collection of papers relevant to mobile and smartphone data science. If you know of any papers we should add here, contact us and let us know!



Martínez-López, Javier, et al. “Towards globally customizable ecosystem service models.” Science of the Total Environment650 (2019): 2325-2336.



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Bagstad, Kenneth J., Simon Willcock, and Glenn-Marie Lange. “Remote Sensing and Modeling to Fill the Gap in “Missing” Natural Capital.” 2018. 199-210.

Van Berkel, Derek B., et al. “Quantifying the visual-sensory landscape qualities that contribute to cultural ecosystem services using social media and LiDAR.” Ecosystem Services(2018).



Dorning, Monica A., Derek B. Van Berkel, and Darius J. Semmens. “Integrating spatially explicit representations of landscape perceptions into land change research.” Current Landscape Ecology Reports 2.3 (2017): 73-88.



Bell, Andrew Reid, et al. “Real-time social data collection in rural bangladesh via a ‘microtasks for micropayments’ platform on android smartphones.” PloS one 11.11 (2016): e0165924.

van Zanten, Boris T., et al. “Continental-scale quantification of landscape values using social media data.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113.46 (2016): 12974-12979.

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